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Sketches by Leo Stancliff
Los Baos Internment Camp

 Drawings by Leo Stancliff

Los Baos Barracks 17 Cubicle 2
By Leo Stancliff

NOTE: The table and chairs in the above drawings were built by Herman Beaber.
The bone hanging in the top picture was mentioned in Herman Beaber's Diary.
He wrote... "One day last week we saw a dog come away from the Japanese kitchen
with a bone in his mouth. Leo immediately gave chase, the dog dropped the bone,
and Leo retrieved it! The bone was well washed, and when broken gave us a cupful
of marrow. We had two delicious stews out of that with our garden produce.
We are on the look out now for more bone-carrying dogs."

 Drawings by Leo Stancliff -- Barracks Layout

This is a layout of Barracks #17 showing the names of all the residents in the
different cubicles. Herman Beaber and his fellow missionaries lived in Cubicle #2.

Herman Beaber in his diary mentions having tea with Henry Pickins C#6, Dave Martin C#1,
Alex Christie C#1 and Henry Bucher C#6.

 Drawings by Leo Stancliff -- Camp Map

This is a map of the Los Baos Camp by Leo Stancliff
Barrack #17 is located from left side of bottom of map (third row- third down)

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